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About B Ready


Originally started as a gift to her celebrity clients, Brenda Ferrell’s B. Ready Lip Balm, quickly became the go-to coconut-oil based balm in Southern California.  Her client’s quickly encouraged her to start her own line of products and sell them to the public. B. Ready Lip Balms were born. 


Brenda originally got the idea for coconut oil based balms after being a fan of the product since her early 20’s.  She did the research and found that coconut oil improves skin moisture and texture, builds collagen, and can have a great effect in healing sun damage.  She loved the product so much that she started using it in her hair and started regularly cooking and eating it a la carte. She soon discovered it could boost energy, help anti-aging, and even has been shown to have positive benefits for Alzheimer’s patients.  Besides using her B Ready Lip Balm every day, Brenda uses industrial grade coconut oil all over her body from her head to her toes.


About Brenda Ferrell


A Los Angeles native, Brenda has grown up in the city of glitz and glam and had a passion for all things beauty related since she was a young girl. Being in the industry expert since 2009,, she has perfected highlighting natural beauty from everyday life to on camera. Her intention is for her clients to walk away feeling beautiful and confident and the best version of themselves! By having this drive she has created a brand,  B Ready Beauty, that provides the essentials to enhancing your natural beauty wants and needs. Brenda’s beauty artistry has attracted an international clientele (who?) that shares the same vision and way of life that she emanates. Brenda firmly believes that life is a beautiful gift, never take it for granted but always B Ready! 
Why B Ready?


B You.  B Ready.  Are you ready to approach your hair and skin routine with a more minimal, fresh, and simple approach?  Then B. Ready services and products are for you. For over 10 years we have distinguished ourselves as an industry leader in the hair and make-up space for high end and celebrity clients in Hollywood and beyond.  Our minimal yet effective approach to hair, make-up, and skin shines distinctively above the rest in the natural beauty space. If you’re ready to embrace the best of you with the simplest, purest, and freshest ingredients, then book our services or get products today!  B You. B Ready.
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